One Ideal Client Away Challenge

Join Darrell Amy for the One Ideal Client Away Challenge,
April 10-14



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Praise for Revenue Growth Engine

Here's what readers are saying!

What You Will Learn

You will discover a better way to scale your business using the power of a Revenue Growth Engine®.

The Law of Exponential Revenue Growth

  • How to put the two drivers of revenue to work to grow exponentially

  • A simple way to set Aggressive But Realistic revenue goals that your team will buy into

The Focus: Ideal Clients

  • The power of Ideal Clients

  • A new way to think about your Ideal Client Profile

  • The 10-year value of Ideal Clients. (It's usually 20X, 30X or more the value of an average client!)

The Fuel: A Focused Message

  • How to create messages that get attention with your Ideal Clients

  • A new way to think about what you sell: The Outcomes Inventory

The Force: Client Experience

  • Why client experience (aka customer experience) is the key to differentiating your company

  • How to create an experience that sets up cross-sell opportunities

  • Strategies to boost client loyalty


Outbound Marketing

  • A different way to think about lead generation

  • How to create an outbound marketing plan

Outbound Selling

  • How to build a target account program

  • Deploy sales sequences that get appointments

Cross-Sell: Client Communication

  • Implement a client communication plan.

  • Build and client loyalty program

Cross-Sell: Client Management

  • Develop an onboarding experience that sets up the cross-sell

  • Create a quarterly business review process

You will find all of this and more in the Revenue Growth Engine audiobook!

Here's what other authors are saying about the book.


Jeb Blount

Author of Fanatical Prospecting

"Sales and marketing alignment has been elusive for many companies. No longer! Revenue Growth Engine provides a framework of building outbound processes that drive exponential growth by attracting net-new clients and cross-selling more to current clients."


Mike Weinberg

Author of New Sales. Simplified ., Sales Management. Simplified ., and Sales Truth

"Darrell Amy nails it! While I've always appreciated his big heart, straight talk, and authentic approach when it comes to sales, Darrell takes it to an entirely new level with Revenue Growth Engine
where he tackles two of the biggest challenges sales leaders face today - aligning marketing and sales and executing an effective outbound attack to fill the top of the funnel."


Amy Franko

Author of The Modern Seller & LinkedIn Top Sales Voice

"Sales and marketing are the growth engine of any company, but they’re famous for operating in silos. Each with its own set of strategies and metrics driving their activities. But imagine if your sales and marketing efforts could be in lock-step, working together. All of those investments being optimized. That’s where Darrell Amy comes in – he has created a complete playbook for anyone in sales, marketing, or entrepreneurship looking for smart, sustainable growth."


Mark Hunter

Author of A Mind For Sales, High Profit Prospecting , and High Profit Selling

"Sales is about helping others see and achieve what they didn’t think was possible and that’s what this book will help you do. Written by a sales leader passionate about helping you achieve what you didn’t think was possible, Darrell Amy breaks it all down for you. You can read a lot of books on sales but few do you read, learn, apply like you will with this book by Darrell Amy. The title says it all, Revenue Growth Engine."


Andrea Waltz

Co-Author of Go for No!

“If you handle sales AND marketing – or who have teams that do – start a book club for this book. Read and discuss. In a few weeks time you could remove years of misunderstanding, miscommunication, and mistrust. It’s the ideal way to have everything working together from beginning to end with a crystal clear focus on the two ways to grow revenue as the foundation for it all. Great book!”


Larry Levine

Author of Selling From the Heart and co-host of the Selling From the Heart Podcast

"Revenue Growth Engine provides a detailed roadmap on how to keep your business growth running on all cylinders. For a business to continue growing they must secure new business, increase their win rates, cross-sell to their clients and build client loyalty. With a servant’s heart and mind, Darrell will guide you to profitable growth and a bright business future."


Steve Lishansky

CEO, Optimize International, Author of The Ultimate Sales Revolution - Sell Differently. Change the World .

"When you need to rev up the Revenue Growth Engine of your business, read this book. Darrell Amy provides the understanding of what the critical focus points must be, why these matter so much, and how to put them into action - and make it work! Revenue Growth Engine will ignite your passion, drive your process in the right direction, and deliver the results to the finish line you want to cross. Pick it up and use it now."


Jim Karrh

Author of The Science of Customer Connections: Manage Your Message to Grow Your Business

Too many good businesses and hard-working professionals are frustrated. They can't seem to 'get it together'--whether that means aligning sales and marketing, or finding the right type of clients, or simply generating the level of growth that matches the value they offer to the world. If your team ever has difficulty getting it together, then this book is for you. Darrell Amy is both smart and generous. His approach is practical, proven, and one that might actually get your team re-energized for growth."


Jeffrey Hayzlett

Primetime TV & Podcast Host, Speaker, Author and Part-Time Cowboy

"If you’re not growing, you’re not going anywhere. Right now, we need to rev that engine, put the pedal to the metal, and take off in order to drive and thrive. Darrell’s book provides a game plan anyone can put into practice to experience a growth spurt that others can be jealous of and can emulate."